Pickle Finance

Pickle Finance is a Yield aggregator for yield farmers who seek maximum profits by leveraging different Defi protocols and strategies for elevated returns.Pickle makes it easy for users to earn compounding yields on deposits, savingthem their time and gas fees that would be required otherwise for frequentcompounding.

Badger Finance

With $Badger as the native currency, the BadgerDao is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization aimed at bringing Bitcoin into the decentralized Finance(Defi)ecosystem.It essentially functions as a yield-earning platform where users can deposittheir BTC in the platform to earn interest as passive income.


Plutus is an Arbitrum-native protocol that aggregates governance around its PLS token and seeks to maximize its user’s liquidity and rewards. As a goal, Plutus seeks to become the default Layer-2 governance protocol for projects based on veTokens (valueless governance tokens).  To achieve this Plutus has collaborated with other protocols to bring new governance products into being and is currently working to expand its product offerings by including Vaults.

Arrakis Finance

By allowing LPs and tokenized projects to optimize their DEX liquidity across multiple blockchains in seamless automation, Arrakis is attempting to solveproblems it sees in other liquidity providers. Uniswap v2 AMMs are inefficient and costly to subsidize and its next-gen AMMs(v3) improve liquidity but are complex and involve a risk for LPs.    Arrakis optimizes liquidity without the management overhead by deploying itsautomation strategies, resulting in less cost and complexity.

Element Finance

Element finance is a Decentralized finance(Defi) protocol that enables users to earn high fixed yields in the Defi market.It gives users access via the ecosystem and AMMs at a discount without beinglocked into a term, making the exchange of the discounted asset and the baseasset possible at any time.It also allows users to secure fixed-rate income with the exchange of any majorbase asset.