Yearn Today

YearnToday is an alternative UI for Yearn token holders to invest on stable vaults. The main idea is to not obfuscate users with too much vault information and, instead, laser focus on vaults that yield stable assets.

Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a decentralized financial platform that also functions as a yield optimizer, allowing users to earn compound interest on their tokenholdings.Beefy Finance is committed to providing the highest annual percentage yields(APYs) in an efficient and secure manner. It increases user rewards from avariety of DeFi-based liquidity pools (LP) and automated market maker (AMM)applications automatically.Beefy’s main offering is its Vaults where users’ cryptocurrency tokens arestaked.

Reaper Farm

Reaper is an auto-compounding yield farm that uses compound interest to maximize user yields.Users deposit liquidity tokens into vaults, and Reaper compounds them at thebest rate possible – faster for higher APR farms and slower for lower APY farms.Each harvest completes 17 transactions and uses the collected fees to pay for the gas to the users.Reaper is a decentralized autonomous organization, and all fees go toward thedevelopment of Fantom’s financial infrastructure.

Harvest Finance

Harvest Finance is an asset management platform that allows users to maximize yields on assets held in harvest vaults. To increase profits for its users, theplatform employs multiple yield farming strategies.An anonymous core development team launched the platform in September 2020.Around the same time, the total value locked on the platform surpassed $1billion in less than a month.

Yearn Finance

Founded in 2020 by Andre Cronje, Yearn Finance is a multi-chain yield aggregator that uses investment pools, called yVaults, to automate yield and automaticallyreact to opportunities in the marketplace.  Yearn allows for interest earned on the same token that users deposit, nowithdrawal fees, and the opportunity for anyone to build an investment strategyto help Yearn vaults increase in yield.

Rari Capital

Rari Capital, a platform where users can deposit their cryptocurrency assets,automatically rebalances them into the highest-yielding stable opportunities.These opportunities capitalize on the lego effect of DeFi protocols, delivering previously unseen yields for a risk-averse mechanism.Rari began with lending platforms but added rebalancing not only betweenprotocols but also between stablecoins. This allows them to raise yields, andwhen annualized, return significantly higher yields.

Convex Finance

Convex Finance is a platform for CRV holders and liquidity providers to boost or enhance their rewards percentage by achieving []liquiditymining en masse.It is built on top of Curve Finance and allows Curve Liquidity providers toenhance their CRV rewards without having to lock their own CRV tokens.CVX is the native currency of the Convex platform and it can be minted pro ratafor each CRV token claimed on Convex Finance by the liquidity providers ofCurve.


Autofarm is a Binance blockchain-based platform with a 1 billion USD locked value as TVL. It optimizes liquidity farming for cryptocurrency farmers.Autofarm is made up of two words: auto (self) and farm (to grow). You grow cropsby automatically compounding yields in the farms you’ve previously earned inorder to increase profits.Autofarm is founded by a pseudonymous company called Mild Giraffe and there islittle information available on the internet about the company.

Idle Finance

Idle is a decentralized protocol and suite of products aimed at leveraging the power of decentralized finance as a one-stop source of yield. It enables users to optimize their digital asset allocation across leading DeFi protocols algorithmically, whether they want to maximize it or keep track of their risk/return profile.


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