Dappify lets you create interactive, multi-user dapps for desktop and mobile web browsers and includes all the tools you need to build a site like Opensea or Uniswap from powerful primitives. You can speed up your app iterations without having to start from scratch through pre-made templates on Dappify.


MetaDock offers: (1.) One click to show the fund flow chart for an address; (2.) Enhanced address labels (e.g., deposit addresses of CEX, addresses of scammers and hackers); (3.) Enhanced function signature parsing; (4.) One click to download a verified contract’s source code and ABI; (5.) Show address compliance scores; (6.) Enable open transactions in Phalcon; and (7.) One click to launch various blockchain explorer. Metadock supports blockchain explorers such as, Etherscan, BscScan, and *scans of most EVM-compatible chains.


Reveel is a revenue share protocol & suite of on-chain earnings tools helping developers offer better pay-out functionalities for businesses and creators. Creators and businesses often collaborate to generate on-chain revenue. This revenue needs to be shared between various parties. The agreements for how that revenue might be shared can be complex (e.g. recouping advances, milestone-based revenue splits, etc.). Reveel makes it easy with its fully audited revenue-sharing functionalities.

Mayan Finance

We offer a seamless one-click user experience that can provide the best possible swap rate using the Mayan auction protocol. Mayan can be a great decentralized solution for on/off-ramping users to chains since users don’t need gas on the destination chain. Bots and MEV make performing on-chain swaps hard. With Mayan, you let a bot fight for you to get the best swap rate while you still have custody of your assets, thanks to our Flash Swap program.

Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge for transferring Ethereum native assets.  It offers low-cost and almost instant transfers. Orbiter supports cross-rollup transfers (e.g. ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI) between Ethereum, StarkNet, zkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, ZKSpace, Immutable X, dYdX, Metis and Boba. In addition, the Maker has launched on testnet and you can become a Maker to provide liquidity soon.


FairFi makes Yield Farming transparent, safe and reliable, no matter if you’re in a bearish or bullish market. Mix strategies, leverage profits, and mitigate your farming risks. Our STO sting farming routine (best APY finding, rug pool protection, auto-compounding), prevents unpredictable losses (safe-farming).


Jelly is a protocol for token rewards, we aren’t just building a protocol, we’re building a Rewards Community. Here are some things you’ll want to know about Jelly: (1.) Projects can use our permissionless airdrop contract to disburse rewards to their community (2.) Our Staking NFTs offer users a way to transfer their staking positions across wallets. (3.) As a DAO, our governance tokens, veJelly, and veNFTs, are used by our community to create and vote on proposals.


DustSweeper allows users to swap small balance tokens (”dust”) for ETH without expensive gas transactions. Users just have to approve() the tokens they’d like to sell, and “market taker” bots execute the swap. Many Ethereum mainnet users have low-balance tokens (<$500) in their wallets from old trades, airdrops, and trying out apps back when gas was cheap. They’d like to sell these tokens for ETH to clean out these wallets but gas prices are prohibitively high for swapping on Uniswap/Sushi/etc.


We’re automatically indexing and analyzing all projects on BNB and Ethereum blockchains and helping people to understand whether they’re worth their attention. Summarizing all market information, safety information, off-chain data, and more.


Ellisense is a collective intelligence platform that assists beginners or advanced traders to make better decisions in FX investing, cryptocurrencies and stocks. We are a source of information and provide indicators to help you to make trading decisions. ElliSense brings you the most accurate market sentiment analysis in the industry. For Forex, Crypto, or Stocks, traders and investors can find the optimal time to make a trade.