PawSwap makes it easy for users to donate exchange tax rate savings to thousands of charities and causes that matter to them. Projects attract users to PawSwap by offering lower tax rates so that the project can minimize sell pressure on their charts. Then, PawSwap accumulates token taxes in the blockchain’s native token which reduces a project’s sell pressure.

BetDEX Exchange

Backed by FanDuel cofounder Nigel Eccles, BetDEX is a Web3 sports betting exchange. It solves 3 big problems: (1.) High transaction fees – their fees are only $0.00025/transaction; (2.) Web2 sports betting holds your money – they’re noncustodial, never touching/holding your money; (3.) Winners are held back – they have no stake limits.

NAMA Finance

NAMA solves the NFT liquidity issue across blockchains by enabling borrowers to use NFTs as collateral to create loans on one chain and get funds on another. On the other hand, lenders can lend funds to loans on supported blockchains to earn high-yield interest and rewards. NAMA supports three different loan modes: (1.) P2M, short for peer to multiple, one loan may have one or several lenders, (2.) the English Auction mode, and (3.) a funding pool mode, one funding pool to a set of allowlisted NFTs.


The Flashstake protocol is a novel financial infrastructure that allows users to receive instant yield on deposited assets by locking up principal for a chosen duration. The protocol is made possible by Flash Strategies, which utilize underlying protocols such as AAVE, Yearn, etc. to generate yield. Find out more at and read our docs at


Insure is a fully-collateralized permissionless insurance protocol. It protects Defi users by providing a coverage policy for hedging against the devaluation of crypto assets, and it enables underwriters to earn interest safely on their stablecoin holding. Insure makes DeFi accessible to everyone, covering crypto owners when their assets lose value significantly in either a highly volatile market or due to a hack or exploit. To get covered, you can buy a policy from Insure!


RBX is a novel ecosystem of DeFi Dapps and protocols designed to accelerate the flow of capital, built by traders, for traders. RBX aims to provide a user-friendly, highly functional set of multi-chain trading tools, all in one platform. We combine the simplicity and convenience typically only found on centralized exchanges, with the security and anonymity afforded by decentralization. It’s time to trade better.


LemmaSwap is a new type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that allows traders to execute spot swaps using an underlying perpetual futures exchange’s liquidity. Lemma is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol with two products: a leveraged basis trading vault and a USDL, a stablecoin that is fully decentralized, 100% capital efficient, and USD pegged.


SeaLightSwap is a Polygon infrastructure project that builds liquidity for AMMs and partnering projects. Liquidity Providers (“LPs”) stake their token pairs in “Pools” on the DEX. In exchange, they receive LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens. Fees Are 0.3% For Liquidity Providers. You can trade coins using only smart contracts and liquidity pools. Since wallets only interact with smart contracts there is not any central entity ensuring self custody of tokens


Goldfinch allows you to lend USDC to businesses all over the world. You tap into sustainable yields that were previously difficult to access and are uncorrelated with the crypto markets.


FS decentralizes trading and investing in startups equity, tokens and tokenized shares or NFTs.