Etherscan Online Decompiler

The Etherscan online decompiler is a decompiler for the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) that extracts information from Runtime bytecode and presents it in a more human-readable format.Hosted by Etherscan, a company dedicated to the development of useful tools for the Ethereum blockchain and its subsidiary virtual machines,the decompiler was originally created by Tomas Kolinko and is now maintained byPalkeo. is a free online Ethereum decompiler that decompiles Ethereumcontract byte code into human-readable Solidity-like code. Users can input raw byte code contracts into the compiler and get a more understandable version of it, allowing for better analysis of the underlyingcontracts. The online decompiler is easy to use and doesn’t require any additionaldownloads, setup, or instructions.


evmdis is an open-source EVM disassembler that performs static analysis on the bytecode in order to provide a higher level of abstraction than raw EVMoperations. Users and developers can use evmdis’s disassembler to convert raw byte code intoa human-readable version to understand what the code is doing. The disassembler features jump target analysis, which assigns labels to jumptargets and replaces addresses with label names


Decurity is an ABI decompiler that implements simple tools for recovering EVM smart contract ABI, including function names.Users and developers can utilize Decurity services to audit their smart contracts, verify their white papers, and manage their protocols vulnerability. They have a number of case studies available to read, for user to understand howtheir services can be applied.

JEB Decompiler

The JEB Decompiler provides specific capabilities such as code analysis to determine methods without access to an ABI. JEB has become the preferred tool for security auditors, vulnerabilityresearchers, and reverse engineers investigating opaque smart contracts runningon Ethereum platforms.The EVM code analyzer determines a contract public and private methods,including implementations of public methods synthetically generated bycompilers.


Solang is an open source solidity compiler for Solana and substrate developers. Users and developers can utilize this open source project to compile their code and interact with the underlying blockchains. Developed by a team of 25 contributors, Solang is the go-to compiler for Solana and substrate.