Deeper Network

The Deeper Network creates infrastructure to decentralize VPNs while protecting networks and making them profitable by bandwidth farming for token rewards.Purchasing the hardware VPN connects you to the network, and secures your connections and connected devices.The Deeper Network has +80,000 nodes worldwide selling to +150 countries to defend their network from +100,000,000 threats.

Mysterium Network

Mysterium is a free-to-participate network of nodes hosting protocols, tools,and vital decentralized infrastructure to make the internet censorship-proof.Developers and participants can contribute to the network by hosting nodes in their chosen locations to harden its resistance to failure by node destruction.


AKelVPN is a cross-platform decentralized VPN that ports popular Web2 premium features into a Web3 breed of network security.Users can run KelVPN nodes to earn the $KEL token as well as add bandwidth and stability to the private network.The $KEL token’s utility is mainly to incentivize node runners, but traders can take advantage of its tokenomics for profit on DEX platforms.

Boring Protocol

Boring Protocol is a Decentralized VPN on Solana that can grant access to the internet through various endpoints and nodes.Users can participate in keeping the virtual private network efficient running nodes that add bandwidth for all members of the community.Motherboard Node runners earn the network’s token $BOP for participation.


Four people—Dr Steven Waterhouse, Jay Freeman, Gustav Simonsson, and BrianJ.Fox—founded Orchid, and the protocol grew in size and is now based in Berlin And San Francisco.They used their years of experience in tech to build this on-chain privacyprotocol. Users of Orchid can distort their locations and access and share their accountson multiple devices.The protocol is Web3-native, as the user can pay in crypto or fiat. For wideraccessibility, Orchid is available on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Hopr Network

HOPR is a data privacy-centric tool that was founded by Rik Krieger and Dr.Sebastian Burgel. It obscures middlemen/bots from accessing metadata about yourwallets when you run transactions against a blockchain.Users can connect HOPR with their crypto wallets to add a layer of protection when buying NFTs, buying fiat in exchanges, or spending tokens in Dapps.Developers can run HOPR nodes.