Bluejay Finance

Bluejay issues stablecoins in multiple currencies to bring efficiencies of DeFi to real-world finance. Our mission is to bring financial access to those who need it the most by replacing traditional financial infrastructure with faster, better, and cheaper stablecoin rails.


Alchemix is a synthetic asset protocol that facilitates self-paying loans. WithAlchemix, users can deposit popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, DAI, and USDT as collateral into yield-bearing vaults. After depositing collateral users canborrow assets against their collateral at an LTV ratio of 50%, whileyield-bearing vaults work to automatically pay off the loan.The Alchemix platform is currently launched on the Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism,and Fantom networks.


Originally founded by Kain Warwick in 2017, Synthetix is an innovative platform that gives DeFi users exposure to traditional assets like Gold and Silveron-chain. Synthetix uses oracles to regulate the price of synthetic assets with their‘real-world’ counterparts, allowing crypto users to leverage traditional assetswith blockchain technology and functions. Synthetics has since expanded to the Optimism L2 network, and boasts over 50% of all recorded Synthetic asset TVL.

Outcome Finance

The Outcome Finance protocol offers innovative tools that assist DAOs with fundraising and goal setting. Using Outcome Finance, DAO members can create asynthetic asset called a KPI Option token that represents a specific goal. Thistoken is backed by collateral and is unlocked and vested to contributors uponthe completion of the KPI objective. With glowing testimonials from several reputable DAOs in the space likeBadgerDAO, Outcome Finance offers creative solutions to DAO incentivization.

CVI Finance

Developed and launched on the Ethereum blockchain in early 2021 by Dan Galai,CVI Finance aims to provide cryptocurrency investors and traders with an effective Crypto Volatility Index. CVI Finance helps users manage theirpositions and impermanent loss, while hedging against overall marketvolatility. Essentially, CVI finance uses synthetic assets to profit off volatile marketmovements without traders needing to commit to a bullish or bearish bias.


Launched in 2020 by founder and CEO Norbert Bodziony, Synthetify is an intuitive protocol for managing synthetic assets on the Solana blockchain. Using Synthetify, Solana natives can produce SPL tokens pegged to the price of their corresponding traditional asset. In doing so, ‘real-world’ assets can be represented and used within other DeFi protocols within the Solana ecosystem. Synthetify is fully decentralized, non-custodial, and can be accessed from any device.