Dual Finance

Dual Finance gives communities ways to earn yield and generate value from their treasuries. Through liquid option-based incentives, Dual Finance unlocks value and unleashes participation in decentralized communities. Designed upon a breakthrough token incentive mechanism to gain allegiance and prevent token dumping, Dual Finance’s DUAL token distribution is done fully and fairly through staking options that our partner projects use to better incentivize their own communities.


Lyra wants to be one of the first to compete with centralized exchanges with its decentralized options protocol.To do this they’ve added competitive features to their chain that they hope willmake them the go-to destination for actively trading options.Some of these features on Lyra include the ability to instantly buy and sellcalls and puts, accurate pricing comparable to other exchanges, providingconsistent liquidity, and mitigating risk for limited partners.

Polynomial Protocol

Founded in 2021, Polynomial Protocol helps users earn a passive yield on their assets through automated financial derivative strategies. Their main product Polynomial Earn executes entirely on-chain by selling optionsto an AMM, something Polynomial claims is a first for Defi Options Vaults(DOV). The vault’s weekly performance is only charged a 10% performance fee on anypremiums earned if Polynomial’s derivative strategies are profitable.


Dopex (DPX) is a decentralized options protocol that aims to maximize liquidity while minimizing losses for option writers and maximizing gains for optiontraders. Options, according to the whitepaper, are tricky, and efficient optionsthat benefit both buyers and writers are even more deceptive.Dopex aims to eliminate the complexities and nuances associated with optionstrading by providing maximum liquidity, capital efficiency, and minimal fees viathe Arbitrum blockchain.

Thetanuts Finance

Thetanuts Finance is the leading DeFi structured products protocol for generating diversified, organic yields.The platform is intended to provide DAOs with treasury management and to assistretail traders in earning organic yields on their assets.The vaults of Thetanuts simplify the process of options trading, makingpreviously complex instruments accessible to any investor and allowing users tomonetize volatility in a risk-adjusted manner.

Jones DAO

Jones DAO is an options yield, strategy, and liquidity protocol with vaults that enable 1-click access to institutional-grade options strategies while unlockingliquidity and capital efficiency with yield-bearing options-backed asset tokens.Jones DAO is for users who don’t wish to actively manage their optionsstrategies or don’t want to lock their assets in Dopex SSOVs and prefer to keeptheir deposits liquid. Protocols wanting to earn a higher yield on theirtreasury assets can also benefit.


Hegic is an Arbitrum-based options trading platform powered by specialized smart contracts and liquidity pools. The project aims to bring transparency, trustlessness, and on-chain settlementto the world of Ethereum-based asset trading for ETH and wBTC.Users can participate in the platform as writers of options contracts and earnrewards using a unique liquidity-pool model.


The Opium protocol is a collection of open-source Ethereum smart contracts designed for creating, settling, and trading decentralized derivatives. The platform provides a trader with a trustless, transparent, audited, andprofessional derivatives ecosystem.Opium uses a governance model based on a DAO, where token holders submit voteson governance proposals. This procedure determines the liquidity mining logicand impacts the protocol and shareholders’ behavior.


Opyn, a European DeFi options trading protocol, enables users to buy, sell, andcreate Ethereum-based options. Options are derivatives contracts that give the owner (buyer) the right to buy or sell an asset at a specific price at the option expiration date.DeFi users rely on Opyn’s smart contracts and interface to hedge against risksor to speculate on cryptocurrencies.Opyn provides free limit orders to its users by utilizing 0x’s unique off-chainrelay and on-chain settlement architecture.

Zeta Markets

Zeta is a Solana blockchain-based decentralized derivatives trading protocol. It provides liquid, non-custodial, and under-collateralized derivatives trading. Through its decentralized exchange (DEX), the protocol allows users to place super-fast orders and bet on the future price of crypto assets, and it brings trading tools found in traditional markets, such as forex and stocks, to the blockchain environment.