Nextme is committed to create the next generation Web3 social gateway and on-chain portrait protocol. With Nextme, you can: (1.) Use advanced and exquisite templates + Nextme digital identity contracts for your landing page; (2.) Connect your Web2 and Web3 relationship with on-chain & off-chain data; (3.) Share your personalized social homepage.

Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol provides credit risk management infrastructure, quantifying on-chain lending risk at scale. With over 85m active Ethereum wallets, only a small number have taken out a DeFi loan. The reason? Protocols are unable to quantify risk and rely on over-collateralization to provide protection from losses. Cred’s products (credit score, credit report, credit monitoring) provide the infrastructure for businesses to put quantification of risk at the heart of their offering.


The current KYC processes are not only against the ethos of Web3, but are also subject to manipulation by bad actors.The traditional KYC methods can also be rigorous, requiring the users to supply various ID cards and passports.But OutDID has put a stop to that with the heralding of decentralized KYC.Unlike traditional KYC processes, OutDID leverages zk technology to secure the identity of each user.


A decentralized cryptological service that offers accessible, intuitive, andextensible tools for secrets management and dynamic access control.Developers can program the accessibility of sensitive data, encrypt keys and credentials to databases, and conduct calculations on encrypted variables touphold security policies.


Backed by Argent and Ethereum Foundation, Violet is one of the leading dApps for the efficient management of identity and regulatory compliance.From the legal perspective, Violet has sealed partnerships with a lot ofcountries to comply with their laws and operate accordingly.Violet taps into a deeper level of zk proofs to secure the anonymity of theusers; their credentials, and their activities.With a fluid off-chain data storage, the data of Violet users is tamper-proof.


Zk knowledge is a fundamental aspect of Web3 as it is heavy on cryptography and privacy concerns. Holonym is one of the protocols that embrace zk knowledge inadministering its infrastructures.The users can use Holonym to vote anonymously without exposing their precisedetails.Unlike most cases when users lose access to their wallets when they lose theirkeys, Holonym leverages zk proofs for the users to prove they are the owner of their wallets even without their private keys.On the other hand, projects can also leverage Holonym to airdrop to their userswithout bothering about KYC and other regulatory impediments.

Walt ID

WaltID provides identity, NFT and wallet infrastructure for developers and enterprises. Their SSI Kit, offers developers and organizations a convenient method of using Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). They also offer an NFT Kit, Wallet Kit, Storage Kit and an IDP Kit.


The Serto Suite of tools allow developers and businesses to use decentralized identity services. Serto Search is a discovery engine for entities represented by decentralized identifiers, or DIDs, Serto Agent is the easiest way to get started using DIDs and VCs, and Serto Schemas is a shared repository for verifiable credentials specifications, or VCs schemas.


Ontology’s ONT ID is a multichain decentralized identity framework. The protocol enables the identification of, and communication between different entities in both decentralized, as well as centralized networks. Users have the ability to assign digital, cryptography based identities to a variety of different entities including people and institutions.


Veramo is a JavaScript framework and decentralized identity tool that allows developers to use cryptographically verifiable data in their applications. For dApp’s that require DID and verifiable credentials, developers can use the Veramo DID Agent, which is implemented with a plugin architecture. This allows the protocol to scale well and interact easily across standards.