Using the Stash SDK, game developers can add NFT rental functionality into the games. Using the same SDK, developers can build their NFT rental marketplaces as well. Web3 gaming is an enhancement to the user experience in games. However, NFTs are not affordable for the most of the gamers as they are used to free-to-play mode. Gamers would like to experience games before investing fully. With rentals, Stash solves this problem. By making a NFT rentable, we give users the ability to try out or utilize gaming NFTs for a certain period of time.


Safary helps growth marketers understand channel long-term value, userbase, and target segments in web3. Safary arms growth marketers with underlying metrics to help assess the viability of market segments when spending growth budgets.Community managers can reverse engineer strategies and copy budgets or segments for their own projects.


Radicle allows developers who want more data security and robustness to work with their software, which uses cryptographic security to verify additions,commits, pushes, and pulls to repositories. It is also designed in a similar manner to Git, so commands look and feel verysimilar to traditional Git commands.

Mirror World

Mirror World is a full-stack Web3 App development platform that means everything from Web2/Web3 login methods to NFT marketplace, wallet integration, and NFT launch are all covered in the SDK with minimal code required. All you need to do is plug in once, integration time is under 30 minutes, and the APIs are all yours. Aside from these primary features, we do have other auxiliary functions such as a UI dashboard, open storefront, data monitoring tools, and so on, to minimize your development effort.

Moralis Unity SDK

Moralis Unity SDK allows for Unity game developers to take advantage of Moralis’web3 infrastructure and develop games built off decentralized protocols. Moralis’s entire development platform revolves around the creation and support for web3 applications, and their Unity SDK extends this ability by securely andefficiently allowing for the integration of blockchain and NFTs to the gamingsphere.