ChainJet provides an extensive collection of well tested automation modules forweb3 protocols, dapps, and developer tools. Users can utilize this collection of automation modules to reduce the time it takes for them to do certain repetitive processes or workflows. Developers can creat their own modules and add them to the collection for otherusers to take advantage of. ChainJet has 8 blockchains supported and integrates with hundreds of populationdapps and web3 protocols.

Opera (Browser)

Opera Crypto Browser provides crypto enthusiasts and the crypto-savvy with a smooth and comfortable Web3 experience. Users can take advantage of web3 focused features such as their dapp store,wallet linking, and top tier security. Developers can produce additional built-in features to add to the Opera web3ecosystem. The browser also features a ‘Crypto Corner’ that helps users stay up-to-date on the latest web3 developments.


Founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneur Antonio Garcia Martinez, Spindl is apre-product company hoping to build the first attribution platform in web3. When finished, Spindl will be able to help web3 protocols, DAOs, and companies find key metrics to represent a project’s success, failure, or problems. Developers could use Spindl’s product offering to get a deeper understanding of their user base, community, or ecosystem.

Media Network

Media Network is a content delivery network that hopes to provide a marketplace for decentralized, peer-to-peer bandwidth. Users can utilize Media Networks services to hire bandwidth-on-demand, from a network of decentralized providers. Developers can earn $MEDIA rewards for contributing their bandwidth to the network. The protocol allows network participants to serve content without introducing trust assumptions or pre-authentication requirements.

Render Network

Founded in 2016 by Jules Urbach, Render.x is a decentralized cloud-based rendering service and marketplace. Users can leverage the power of idle GPUs across the globe to render their work at a fraction of the cost and speed of in-house rendering. Developers can earn $RNDR tokens by registering their idle GPUs on the network. An Ethereum-based network, artists can store their creations and work on the network and full digital rights management.

Akash Network

Founded by Greg Osuri, Akash Network is an open source, decentralized cloud computing platform. Known as the “Airbnb for cloud compute,” Akash is a peer-to-peer marketplace that gives anyone the ability to access the cloud with costs that are much lower than other large cloud providers.


Muse is a web3 platform for publishing comic books, graphic novels, and animations. Users can get access to independently created content and communicate directly with creators and share with their friends. Content creators can publish and monetize their comics, novels, and animations without the need for a middle man. While still in beta, the product hopes to democratize the comic book publishing world by giving power back to creators and users.