Written by Paul Razvan Berg, the collection of testing assertions and other utilities usable with Foundry and hardhat for the Solidity programming language.Developers can use the contained Foundry Template and the PRBTest which inheritsmost of the tests from forge-std. With ample experience, custom test assertions can be written to improve thescope of the stock list as contributions.


The Python model of MAIAN by Ivica Nikolic achieves automatic vulnerability detection on three fronts; suicidal, prodigal, and greedy. It also features aGUI for a much easier testing experience.Developers can check if a smart contract can send ETH to anyone using theassociated flag for a prodigal-type scan.This implementation can scan Solidity and bytecode smart contracts.

ApeWorx EVM Trace

ApeWorx’s Python-dependent tracing tool for Geth and Parity style tests with Gas and Call-tree results reporting. Developers can pip install the EVM Trace quickstart and run tests in a Python environment or contribute custom tests to the project. ApeWorx EVM Trace has +100 forks, stars, and contributors.