In an increasingly globalised and dynamic market, it is important for customers to know the quality of the products they buy. Transparent sellers are committed to letting customers know that their products are manufactured following strict guidelines, regarding both the quality of the components used and the quality of life of the workforce. The best way for companies to ensure their supply chains are clean and compliant is to use a publicly verifiable system that certifies that their data is reliable. With Traxed, companies can easily certify what they and their suppliers claim at a low cost.

Token Terminal

Token Terminal is a data collection service for financial data sourced from on-chain DeFi protocols and dApps alike.Analysts can evaluate the value of protocols and projects based on the financialdata collected and sorted from their smart contract transactions.Developers can use the Token Terminal API to fetch historic fee data fromplatforms such as Uniswap.


Hatchfi is an API service that can integrate data from multiple chains onto a single platform for enhanced insights.Users can aggregate financial data from multiple networks and exchanges intocustom dashboards for analysis during trade strategy formulation.Developers can integrate data and functionality into existing dApps using a single API and a few lines of code.

Token Flow

Token Flow is a set of tools that query and analyze data from multiple blockchain endpoints to display them in a human-readable format.DeFi firms can amass raw data for ETL and analysis in data warehouses.Developers can use the EthTx Transaction Decoder to analyze transactions,wallets, or smart contracts based on just knowing their addresses.


PARSIQ provides streams of real-time data for time-critical dApps or protocol projects along with ETL capabilities.DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols can leverage the Tsunami API to integratereal-time data serving on existing platforms.Developers can turn collections of data into data lakes to add custom logic toDeFi projects.


Launched in 2022 by Jason Goldberg, Airstack provides APIs that enable easy querying across projects and blockchains including Polygon. Users can control the feed algorithm, select data sources, and view common activities of users across the dapps. Developers can use Airstack to access a feed of recent transactions from several popular web3 projects including OpenSea, POAP, ENS, Uniswap and more. Airstack app makes web3 data browsable, discoverable, and consumable.


Founded in 2021, Bundlr bundles multiple layer 2 transactions into a single Arweave (layer 1) transaction. The end user’s data is protected in a permanent, decentralized space. For the developer, the data from the developer’s project will be stored on Arweave via Bundlr. As of today, over 90–98% of data uploads onto Arweave are conducted through Bundlr. Bundlr is also integrated with Aptos, Algorand, Boba, Fantom, and Near.


Coherent is harmonizing the building problems developers and simplifying them with Coherent’s infrastructures.The products are built into Build, Scale, and Enterprise. Built is the only freeversion. Scale requires payment, only as far as developers use the product.Enterprise is a customized plan.


Founded in 2017, Spring Labs helps businesses store and share sensitive data. With Spring Labs, users can manage risk by reducing business exposure to sensitive data and by elevating machine-learning powered insights. Developers can use the “Establish Trust and Identification” function via Sybil resistant DIDs and KYC/AML natively on-chain.


Ceramic is a decentralized data network that brings unlimited data composability to Web3 applications. Ceramic can be used to build apps that need to track changes to data over timewithout needing a centralized server.Ceramic enables static files to be composed into higher-order mutable datastructures, programmed to behave in any desired manner, and whose resultingstate is stored and replicated across a decentralized network of nodes.