mesha helps DAOs and web3 companies manage and scale their financial operations through: (1.) expense management – corporate credit cards backed by your crypto, and on-chain reimbursements (2.) accounting and bookkeeping – automated transaction tagging and accounting


Spect is a web3-enabled no-code tool that helps DAO contributors form circles (or sub-DAOs) and manage grants, onboarding, and projects. Most of the current tooling to manage grants, onboarding, projects, distribute rewards and make decisions are point solutions, each tool serving a specific purpose. So many tools create a loss of context among contributors. At Spect, our goal is to centralize context while at the same time decentralizing decision making.


Founders Jack du Rose and Aron Fischer created Colony to simplify the creation processes of DAOs. Anyone who wants to build a DAO can do so with Colony without writing a single line of code. With Colony, it is possible to build a basic functional DAO in less than aminute. You can integrate your token, manage its sale, and oversee the governance ofyour DAO easily with Colony.

Upstream Collectives

Upstream Collectives is a no-code tool that helps DAO founders make a sustainable DAO from scratch.  Created by longtime Web3 builders, Michael Schonfeld and Alex Taub,  Upstreamcollectives has the basic features that any DAO would need including walletconnection, voting, and proposals. Upstream Collectives is available for both Android and iOS.


Boardroom is a tool that allows decentralized autonomous and organisations to reach consensus on issues seamlessly. It has a governance API infrastructure that DAOs can tap into to secure their individual governance more easily. The API and SDK fast-tracks the proposals, voting, and delegation system of DAOs.