Orange Protocol

Orange aggregates Web3 reputation models and other data to create reputation proofs and mint them in the form of Verifiable Credentials and NFTs.By considering multiple data points, and looking at a user’s behavior and preferences, Orange can objectively calculate and assess an associated wallet address owner’s reputation.


SourceCred offers a credibly neutral framework that assigns Cred scores based on contributions and then distributes Grain tokens based on those scores. SourceCred uses an algorithm to determine how much value a contribution or contributor added to a project overall. When a contribution is made to a project, SourceCred’s purpose is to “see” that contribution and assign it an amount of “Cred” based on how much value it brought to the project as a whole.


As a pseudonymous identification platform, Krebit uses Ceramic’s Self.Id Decentralized Identity (DID) to help users control their personal data and profiles. By using this open, multi-chain data model, Web3 developers are able to obtain real-time reputation information of any identity owner while also maintaining their rights to privacy.


SOURC3 is an on-chain reputation system for software developers in the blockchain space. It is also a cross-collaboration software development platform, similar to the application GitHub. Users can export their code from GitHub and put it onto SOURC3, which is open-source, decentralized and censorship-resistant. SOURC3 is linking decentralized identities, contribution provenance and on-chain metadata to powera new standard that they are calling KYD or “Know Your Developer”.


Popula is a NEAR infrastructure tool which offers three main services to community developers. First, Popula’s community platform allows developers to amplify creations and empower social engagement.Second, Popula’s Drips System issues Non-transferrable tokens to record value-added behavior within a community and signal member reputation,contribution, and commitment.Finally, by leveraging the Drips System, Popula’s Community Economy Protocol Setaligns the aims and interests of the community to bootstrap growth and creations, helping creators monetize and incentivize member co-creation.All three of these services make Popula a great option for NEAR protocols community creators.