Spect is a web3-enabled no-code tool that helps DAO contributors form circles (or sub-DAOs) and manage grants, onboarding, and projects. Most of the current tooling to manage grants, onboarding, projects, distribute rewards and make decisions are point solutions, each tool serving a specific purpose. So many tools create a loss of context among contributors. At Spect, our goal is to centralize context while at the same time decentralizing decision making.


Charmverse is basically a decentralized Trello and Notion, which integrates bounty rewards into tasks. Let’s say you are the community manager for a DAO and have bounties that you need to have done. With Charmverse, you could assign due dates to those bounties, offer rewards, and contributors could seamlessly complete and earn rewards for their work.Additionally, the offer token-gated privileged materials, deal-level access,investment voting, investor reputation, and more.For a DAO to be successful, it needs to be organized. Charmverse is a great solution to help your DAO grow and succeed.


Clarity offers in-depth customization of DAO contribution tasks via task boards & docs. First, the task board allows DAOs to effectively delegate and track tasks through on-chain task structures. Next, the Clarity dApp allows DAOs to token-gate some tasks while leaving others open, leading to maximum customizability and access across the network of DAO contributors.Finally, with its integrated bounty payout system, Clarity allows users to complete tasks and get paid all in the same app.If you’re looking for effective ways to manage your DAO, then Clarity could be a great option for you.


DeWork is a web browser dApp that allows users to collaborate, find grants and bounties, and network with other crypto natives. DAO bounties and grants can be very difficult to find, but one amazing thing DeWork does is aggregate bounties and grants from over 500 DAOs onto its app.This makes it easier than ever for developers to bounty hunt and earn rewards.Next, DeWork also offers a Trello style collaborative productivity management board, which allows DAOs to cooperate seamlessly and achieve success.  If you’re a developer searching for grants and bounties, or a community developer looking for solutions for contributor cooperation, then DeWork is a great option for you.


0xStation is an advanced payment tool optimized for completing the bounties of DAO communities. With 0xStation’s highly customizable payment structure, the power of DAO bounties can be given back to the contributors. Contributors can propose work that needs to be done, set a price, and send it off to DAOs for approval. Whether you’re a developer hoping to contribute more to DAOs, or a DAO seeking to streamline your bounty and payment process, 0xStation is a great tool for you to check out.


Kleoverse is a great DAO tooling app and credentialing platform that maximizes the efficiency of developers, community contributors, and DAOs.Kleoverse does this through its badges platform, which gives on-chain credentials for qualifications such as Solidity or Typescript proficiency. Another service Kleoverse offers is its bounty, job, and organization-findingservice. Similar to Linkedin, developers can use Kleoverse to bounty hunt orlook for full-time and part-time roles at Web3 companies.Kleoverse is a great option for finding projects and jobs if you’re a developer.


Wonderverse is a web app that allows DAOs to effectively manage project on-chain through assignments, completions, and reward mechanisms. Wonderverse also offers other Web3 features, including token gating, on-chain resumes, and batch payment to DAO contributors.If you’re looking to streamline your DAO’s workflow and human resources management, Wonderverse is a great option.