Founders Jack du Rose and Aron Fischer created Colony to simplify the creation processes of DAOs. Anyone who wants to build a DAO can do so with Colony without writing a single line of code. With Colony, it is possible to build a basic functional DAO in less than aminute. You can integrate your token, manage its sale, and oversee the governance ofyour DAO easily with Colony.

Upstream Collectives

Upstream Collectives is a no-code tool that helps DAO founders make a sustainable DAO from scratch.  Created by longtime Web3 builders, Michael Schonfeld and Alex Taub,  Upstreamcollectives has the basic features that any DAO would need including walletconnection, voting, and proposals. Upstream Collectives is available for both Android and iOS.


Boardroom is a tool that allows decentralized autonomous and organisations to reach consensus on issues seamlessly. It has a governance API infrastructure that DAOs can tap into to secure their individual governance more easily. The API and SDK fast-tracks the proposals, voting, and delegation system of DAOs.


Metan Field and Adam Levi created DAOstack in 2017 to promote the technology of collective, decentralized governance.  DAOstack is a complete package for building a simple or sophisticated DAO from the ground up.  Providing an arsenal of tools to build and govern any nature of DAO, DAOstackcovers everything from frontend to backend to middleware.Apart from the building aspect, DAOstack is also useful for the day-to-day management of DAOs.

Neighbourhoods Network

Neighbourhoods Network is a protocol which hopes to serve as the groundwork for a new social networking ecosystem. The project is a step away from the current social networking ecosystem in which we don’t know why we see what we see, who sees us, how our feed is ordered, or how to collectively address harms and injustices online.Using Holochain, Neighbourhoods allows user to shape digital spaces to fit their specific cultures and activities. Past actions and points are stored on your profile, which you can then use in other Holochain apps. Neighbourhoods is trying to change the way social networking works by making it more transparent and user-beneficial. So, if you want to contribute to this mission, then you should check out the Neighbourhoods Network!