OSL Custody

OSL Custody provides trading tools for independent traders and brokerages alongwith integration toolkits for developers to port functionality to their own platforms.Traders can access the trading platform and transact securely with military-grade security.Developers can use webhooks and APIs to offer OSL Custody products on their custom applications.


Anchorage serves institutions with a mix of secure custody, regulatory compliance, product breadth, and client service.Anchorage provides a secure infrastructure for enterprises to trade, stake,govern, and finance decentralized finance assets.Anchorage also provides tools for users to build the tools they provide into custom private interfaces.


Copper is an institutional cryptocurrency custody and brokerage platform registered in the United Kingdom and Wales. Its software platform is linked towell-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitfinex, BitMEX, and Binance. Copper employs a method of storing and transferring digital assets known as”Walled Garden,” which combines cryptography, cold wallets, physicaltransferrence, and personal validation by authorized human system operators.


BitGo is an institutional digital asset custody, trading, and financial management service provider. Traders can secure private wallets and custody credentials with BitGo. Developers can bring the functionality of BitGo into their use case applications by calling APIs and connecting webhooks from the open-source projects


Fireblocks combines MPC-CMP with hardware isolation to create a multi-layer security technology. This eliminates a single point of failure and insulates digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Customers and investors want instant access to funds. Fireblocks’ MPC-CMP algorithm helps you meet client SLAs regardless of your wallet configuration. Send and receive transactions at scale without massive operating costs.