Hummingbot is a trading strategy bot creation framework that supports centralized and decentralized trading platforms.Professional market makers can build bots that execute strategies based onproven templates, such as the Avellaneda.Developers can build bots through the BotCamp, and run them on Miner to earndividends. Hummingbot has +1M downloads, and +100M average 24hr volume data.


Founded in 2011, TradingView is a popular charting and social media platform for traders and investors. The platform supports most major financial markets,including cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains. TradingView helps users view different types of charts, use their own formulae, access extensive data for analysis, test out trading strategies, and more.TradingView aims to help simplify investment decisions by offering sophisticated analytics tools.


Mimic deploys tools in your custom infrastructure for DeFi activities automation in a secure, trustless, and non-custodial ethos. Users can conduct operations including index rebalancing, liquidity provision,treasury management, fee distribution, and more.All the tools used by Mimic in their framework are open-source and welcome developer contributions.


Founded in 2019, TradingLite is a crypto trading analysis platform for traders and investors. The platform provides real-time liquidity maps to help users locate the best trading opportunities. TradingLite also helps users access critical data across crypto exchanges, such as buy and sell volumes, through analytical charts. The platform has a range of in-built indicators that simplify price information and help users discover trends.