Spectral Finance

Founded in 2020 by Sishir Varghese, Spectral Finance uses a Multi-Asset Credit Risk Oracle or Macro Score to build a programmable creditworthiness ecosystem.  Through this credit risk analysis, Spectral seeks to build capital efficiency on-chain. They also use non-fungible creditor NFTs (called NFCs) that allow users to bundle their wallets and create a single composable asset by syncing theircomplete on-chain transactional history.


Masa is a Soulbound Token Identity Protocol. Masa uses SBTs to represent users attributes in Web3 and in the real world, along with a protocol-level abstraction that enables the full management of SBTs and the data attributed to them. The Masa Protocol provides the building blocks for a Web3 identity management layer that encapsulates any data attributed to an individual in the real world or in Web3.Credit scoring is a key function of financial systems, and Masa’s project provides an awesome opportunity to bring that on-chain.

Repute X

ReputeX’s score is a numeric derived from various applications, usage history, and insights gained from chain analysis, including ENS domains and NFTs.While ReputeX is a relatively new project, starting in September 2022, they have an awesome project that will continue to increase traction in the Web3 credit score space!


RociFi is a decentralized credit economy with on-chain credit scores designed to facilitate under-collateralized lending. At its core, the protocol leverages on-chain data, machine learning and loan risk-management to facilitate under-collateralized loans via the blockchain. RociFi consists of an on-chain lending protocol and off-chain credit scoring API. RociFi is an awesome project looking to quantize credit and facilitate on-chain under-collateralized lending.