ETHRank is an open source achievement system and API for every Ethereum address.Every 6 months, we update the site with fresh new goals and achievements, and we update the design/branding.


Metacrafters offers a learn-to-earn approach that onboards developers to Web3 Ecosystems and is open to new and experienced talent.New developers can start learning development at their own pace. Current coursesinclude beginner and advanced courses in Solana with courses in Solidityand  Flow coming soon. Experienced developers can apply to mentor new talent while earning from theirparticipation.


DegenScore celebrates users’ participation in Web3 by issuing a score relative to the amount of interaction their wallets have had with Defi smart contractsand protocols.  A user simply connects their wallet to the degenscore beacon anda score is immediately generated. An Ethereum soulbound token, these beacons are non-transferable NFTs that allowusers to document their involvement with their favorite Web3 projects and sharethem with the rest of the Web3 community.


Gateway provides verified credentials that are easily tracked and managed by credential holders. DAOs, web3 service providers, and tools can assign and manage verified credentials through Gateway’s credential registry. Talent, organizations, and Dapps use Gateway’s credentials for many different custom-use cases. Users control Gateway-issued credentials, including managing if they can be seen and how long they last.


Noox allows users to explore, collect, and share their Web3 achievements based on their historical interaction with various decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.For example, Sushi Swap could initiate a series of Web3 achievements with Nooxbased on the number of times one has transacted on Sushi Swap. Then, upon reaching that number, one could collect the Noox NFT, showing their commitment to the protocol and sharing it with others. Badges are becoming more popular to display commitment to a community, and Nooxoffers an amazing way to interact with groups.If you’re looking to create badges for your community, you should check out what Noox has to offer.