The only platform for community growth made just for Web3. frens helps community managers of DAOs, NFT projects, DeFi projects, Web3 gaming projects and more.


ShareMint enables Web3 projects to launch a referral or affiliate program easily. To use it, sign up to ShareMint and enter your project details. You will then receive a link to share with others for them to sign up as affiliates for your project and receive their own unique tracking link. To payout affiliates, ShareMint offers a single-click mass payout option.


Founded in May 2021, Solstar is a Solana based web3 protocol that allows online communities create, own, and distribute their own community tokens. Users or community organizers can create community tokens using Solstar andtransfers them to new community joiners via discord. On Solstar, users can follow different community curve parameters to optimizetheir community token for certain purposes like larger returns, exclusivity,early adoption and much more.


Started in October of 2021, is an open-source protocol on the Solana Network that allows creators to completely monetize their social media content. Users can publish, track, and monetize their content each time another userinteracts with it. George and Nico, the founders of the protocol, intend to upgrade the NFTframework to make every piece of digital content solely owned by its originalcreator, cutting out any middle-men.


Created in 2021, Moonlana is a meme-token and NFT project on the Solana Blockchain. Users can buy the Moonlana tokens, tickers $MOLA $LANA, or purchase a variety ofdifferent NFT items. Lanamon is the on-chain tip bot that users can use to stake their $LANA tokens. Moonlana came out with their official ‘Moonpaper’ outlining the meme projectsgoals, ambitions, and roadmap. Definitely worth the look.


Founded in June of 2021, SolanaTip is a simple way to send Solana, $SOL, to users on Twitter. Solana Tip provides a free Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome store. SolanaTip’s goal is to reach different communities on Twitter, help themunderstand crypto, and get them to use crypto to give value to the creators theyenjoy interacting with. To this end, SolanaTip also provides valuable Defi education geared towardnewcomers to the crypto space.