Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge for transferring Ethereum native assets.  It offers low-cost and almost instant transfers. Orbiter supports cross-rollup transfers (e.g. ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI) between Ethereum, StarkNet, zkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, ZKSpace, Immutable X, dYdX, Metis and Boba. In addition, the Maker has launched on testnet and you can become a Maker to provide liquidity soon.

Mayan Finance

We offer a seamless one-click user experience that can provide the best possible swap rate using the Mayan auction protocol. Mayan can be a great decentralized solution for on/off-ramping users to chains since users don’t need gas on the destination chain. Bots and MEV make performing on-chain swaps hard. With Mayan, you let a bot fight for you to get the best swap rate while you still have custody of your assets, thanks to our Flash Swap program.


Nomad is a protocol that bridges several blockchains and make them to work together efficiently. Developers can deploy tokens and DApps across multiple chains with the help ofthe Nomad SDK. Similarly, DAOs can also tap into it to ensure cross-chain governance, as they can exist and reach agreement on issues across various blockchains.


Transferring native tokens across several native blockchains in the Ethereum Ecosystem gets easier with the surfacing of Across.Across allows users to tap into a rich network of relayers in moving funds across two distinct blockchains.Once the relayers approve the bridging, Across itself has an inbuilt optimistic validation.


LayerSwap is a unique bridge that can move funds from centralized exchanges to layer-2 blockchains. For instance, a user can move funds from FTX to Arbitrummainnet. Layer swap has an intuitive interface that is simple to use for swapping, and it makes cross-chain transactions easier, lessening transaction fees by almost 10%.

Allbridge Core

Allbridge Core enables the transfer of value between blockchains by offering cross-chain swaps of native stablecoins. Being messaging protocol agnostic, Allbridge Core connects a variety of EVM and non-EVM networks.

Wrap Protocol

The Wrap Protocol, from BenderLabs, is a bridge between Ethereum and the Tezos Blockchain with staking capability.Users can stack $WRAP and earn tokens from the transaction fees collected, or take part in liquidity mining across seven farms to the same effect.More than 1M $WRAP is currently staked.

Swim Protocol

Swim is one of the few bridges that are connecting the Solana DeFi ecosystem with the other blockchains. With Swim, there is no need to initially wrap assets before transacting them across chains as they can be sent natively. The protocol ensures DeFi interoperability from Solana-based assets to other blockchain networks.


deBridge is a generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables anyone to build powerful cross-chain applications where value and messages flow seamlessly. The protocol is a secure infrastructure and framework for: (1.) cross-chain composability of smart contracts; (2.) cross-chain swaps between any assets with deSwap, one of the applications built on top of deBridge; (3.) bridging of any arbitrary asset and message in one transaction; (4.) interoperability and bridging of NFTs


Wormhole has a modular architecture that works with other chains as its layers. Wormhole is one of the bridges that connect Solana assets to be useful and interoperable on other chains, which it often terms to be xChain. Wormhole makes it easier for developers to build both tokens and DApps on across-chain architecture for maximal performance.