Socket Tech

Socket Tech provides an API, plugin, and SDK for developers to create apps with inter-chain communication capabilities.Exchanges can moves tokens and other assets across chains securely utilizing the Socket Liquidity Meta-Layer.Stats: +675M in volume transferred in +500K transactions and counting.


Formerly Abacus, Hyperlane is a cross-blockchain interconnection service that provides APIs for interchain communication and an SDK to build interchain DApps.Developers can build interchain applications with the Hyperlane SDK, or use APISto add interchain functionality to their already deployed dApps, tokens, andNFTs alike.


Funded by Gnosis DAO and 0xPARC for R&D, Succinct is rolling out the first permissionless and decentralized interoperability layer for Ethereum.Developers will be able to apply proof-based cross-chain communication intofuture dApp projects with safety being a default. Succinct implements zkSNARK tohasten and secure the validation of such communication.