Track, visualize and explore all of web3 in one informative, concise, transparent, customizable user interface! Blockhead is a meta-interface for EVM blockchains, DeFi apps, and web3 protocols, consisting of a crypto/DeFi/NFT portfolio tracker, a cross-EVM block explorer, and data explorers for DeFi apps and web3 protocols. Built as a data-agnostic progressive web app, Blockhead is integrated with a wide variety of indexing solutions and infrastructure providers across the decentralized web.

0x Explorer

Launched by 0x labs, 0x Explorer is a blockchain explorer. Users can verify and analyze on-chain activity as well as monitor the expansion of the 0x ecosystem. Developers can use 0x explorer by using data on transaction tracking, liquidity source and chain breakdowns, and in-depth application metrics.

Optimistic Etherscan

Created by the same team behind Etherscan, Optimistic Ethereum explorer is an Optimism blockchain explorer. Users can search by filtering address, txn hash, batch or token. Developers use the API to build dapps, verify contacts and access blockchain data such as transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities on the Optimism blockchain. The user-friendly front page offers information of past transactions, market cap and present ether price.


Ethplorer is an Ethereum blockchain explorer. Users can use it to view information about Ethereum tokens as well as control their ERC20 tokens without logging into their wallet. Developers can use Ethplorer’s API to lookup information about Ethereum tokens, transaction histories, balances, addresses as well as contracts.


Created in 2021 by William Mitsuda, Otterscan is an Ethereum blockchain explorer built on top of Erigon. Users can run it locally on their laptops with an archive node companion, more specifically, with Erigon. Developers can use some custom methods created by Otterscan and  implemented at rpc daemon level so it is fast.


Founded in 2016, Blockchair is a cross-blockchain search and analytics engine and it works for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and many more. Users can use it to search across blockchains by filtering and sorting blocks, transactions. Developers can use the Blockchair API to retrieve data and conduct a full-text search over the blockchains. Unlike other APIs, Blockchair also supports numerous analytical queries like filtering, sorting, and aggregating blockchain data.


Launched in 2017 by POA Network, BlockScout Explorer is an application for viewing and inspecting transactions on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains. Users can use it to search transactions and tags in the integrated search box. Developers can interact with contracts directly from the Blockscout UI and verify contracts. Blockscout allows developers to make API Calls using standard and customized endpoints.


Started by Bungee, Socket is a Web3 privacy infrastructure for social interactions for crypto-related purposes. Users can track all bridge transactions across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis Chain, Fantom, Optimism, Arbitrum and Aurora. Developers can view the latest transactions on the website and use information for dapps.

Sepolia Testnet Explorer

Sepolia is a proof-of-work (PoW) testnet where dApp developers can test their applications. It allows users to easily search and browse transactions and blocks. Developers can attain information about each transaction and block, such as the hash and timestamp. The difference between Sepolia and other Ethereum testnets is that Sepolia is a closed, permissioned testnet in contrast to public testnets like Goerli.


Developed and launched by Web3 Labs, the Epirus Blockchain explorer is a modern solution for monitoring private Ethereum, Quorum, and Pantheon networks. With a comprehensive Dashboard and advanced search functions, the Epirus blockchain explorer helps businesses obtain fresh insights and analyze the performance metrics of blockchain applications. Users can also add custom labels for specific addresses and accounts, making them easily recognizable to the human eye.