MetaDock offers: (1.) One click to show the fund flow chart for an address; (2.) Enhanced address labels (e.g., deposit addresses of CEX, addresses of scammers and hackers); (3.) Enhanced function signature parsing; (4.) One click to download a verified contract’s source code and ABI; (5.) Show address compliance scores; (6.) Enable open transactions in Phalcon; and (7.) One click to launch various blockchain explorer. Metadock supports blockchain explorers such as, Etherscan, BscScan, and *scans of most EVM-compatible chains.


We’re automatically indexing and analyzing all projects on BNB and Ethereum blockchains and helping people to understand whether they’re worth their attention. Summarizing all market information, safety information, off-chain data, and more.


Plex allows brands to query relevant audiences, understand who they are based on on-chain/off-chain attributes, and engage them via omni channel messaging, content publication, and airdrops.   Plex will allow users to (1.) build a repository of wallets relevant to you, (2.) understand your token holders, (3) track wallets interacting with your brand (4.) segment your web3 audience, (5.) engage via web3 and web2 channels or via content delivery on a managed network of web3 publishers.


Okotoki is a crypto token price dashboard tool that displays real-time data from multiple trading platforms. Users can keep track of token liquidity from multiple chains and protocolsanonymously. Records of high-volume trades can be displayed in a separate tab.Traders can extract raw price data to use in their research and analysisstrategies.


The OpenBB Terminal is a community-managed trading research tool free to use for the public.Retail and institutional traders can leverage the AI behind The OpenBB Terminal to make informed investment moves.Developers can use the OpenBB SDK to contribute code and content to improve the project’s effectiveness.

Zero Hash

Zero Hash provides brokers with the tools to trade crypto on their own platforms through APIs that serve data and execute transactions on demand.Brokers can whitelabel the API’s capabilities and onboard their customers toexperience trading and asset management on their brand.Developers familiar with Python and JavaScript can integrate Zero Hash toolsinto their UI elements with just a few lines of code.


DEXGuru is a decentralized token swap platform for traders in the DeFi era. Theplatform leverages real-time data, insights, and token-swapping capabilities in a single service.Users can trade and keep up to date with prices through a Discord bot.Developers can leverage the DexGuru API to create custom data services of theirown.


DEXTools provides information on token pairs across multiple supported blockchains and DeFi protocols.Traders can gain crucial knowledge of new token pairs and exchange insightswhile keeping up to date with known pair/token activity. Such as the hottestgainers, or losers thereof. Community managers can keep tabs on DeFi protocols and tokens of interestthrough the ‘recently updated’ tabs.

DEX Screener

DEX Screener is a powerful price analysis platform with data streams updating as quickly as 5 minutes apart and across multiple decentralized exchanges andchains.Users looking to venture into arbitration could live on the dashboard forinsights.Over 30 chains supported, and +30k active community members prove the usefulnessof the data platform.

A data streaming platform that allows users to query and interact with over 48 networks on-chain and into custom apps through a GraphQL API.Users can keep track of hot NFT collections and tokens to invest in through adeeply analytical dashboard.Developers can start using the API to hit endpoints like Auth,networks, tokens, and NFT.