Noox allows users to explore, collect, and share their Web3 achievements based on their historical interaction with various decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.For example, Sushi Swap could initiate a series of Web3 achievements with Nooxbased on the number of times one has transacted on Sushi Swap. Then, upon reaching that number, one could collect the Noox NFT, showing their commitment to the protocol and sharing it with others. Badges are becoming more popular to display commitment to a community, and Nooxoffers an amazing way to interact with groups.If you’re looking to create badges for your community, you should check out what Nook has to offer.


FLOAT allows for the on-chain creation of a number of possible events, including Discord AMAs, Twitter Space, educational certificates, giveaways, fundraisers,allowlist, merch vouchers, and quizzes.In each of these, communities can use FLOAT to automate the registration and attendance overhead for running events, making the process more seamless.If you’re a community manager looking to boost community engagement and eliminate the tediousness of managing attendance and participation, then FLOAT is a great option!


Using Sismo, users can generate a wide range of attestation. With these attestations, they can gain access to premium features within gated services or prove their reputation in apps and protocols. Attestations are easily accessible via Non-Transferable Token (ERC1155)representations known as Badges. For each attestation they generate, a user will also receive an associated Badge.

Mint Kudos

Mint Kudos is a DAO achievement tool that lets anyone mint Kudos tokens, non-transferrable NFTs, to recognize community member contributions. Mint Kudos was founded in 2022 by Catherine Chang and Kei Yoshikoshi, and is currently deployed on Polygon. Some of Mint Kudos notable users include Women Build Web3, Developer DAO, and Alchemy University. By using non-transferable NFTs, Mint Kudos enables DAOs to reward contributors for actions such as winning an award, completing a certification, or attending a conference because the tokens cannot be bought, sold, or traded. Mint Kudos is free, no-code solution that also offers an API for more scalable minting and distribution of non-transferable achievement-based NFTs.