Money Legos

A Study Defi project, Money Legos scours the EVM for mainnet addresses, ABIs, andSolidity interfaces when your search targets mainstream DeFi protocols.Developers can search by targeting a growing list of supported DeFi protocols.Currently 16.+1k users, forks, and stars, along with +250 weekly downloads of the NPM package speak to the usefulness of Money Legos.

ConsenSys ABI Decoder

A Consensys-built Javascript library that decodes Solidity smart contracts’ ABIsto expose events and data elements.Developers can use the Vanilla JS or NodeJS implementations of the library to decode Tx data, their receipt log data.+500 developers actively support the ConseSys ABI Decode project on GitHub.

ABI Parser

ABI Parser is a smart contract analysis tool that outputs underlying ABIarchitecture.You can enter any smart contract address and ABI Parser looks up the underlying ABI, while it generates queries that can be run on BigQuery to create parse tables for each event or function call on that contract.


A wagmi-sponsored project, written by awkweb.eth, and packed with type definitions and utils for ABI values and properties. Also supports EIP712 typeddata.Developers can add coding efficiencies such as type checking and autocompletefor variables and functions. Custom types can also be added to library instances.Used by 100s of developers.


The official repository of the Ethereum foundation’s toolset: Python-based encoding and decoding utils for ABIs.Developers can encode Python values into binary values, usable in ABIs, while the reverse is also true. This makes use of default ‘encode’ and ‘decode functions to provide ABIs for each of the use cases, and more.


Created by Google and Infura alumni Andrey Petrov, WhatsABI figures out the ABI of a Solidity smart contract, regardless of it being unregistered.Developers can query events, interfaces, selectors, and database loaders fromjust the Ethereum smart contract address.

Rust Ethereum ABI

Rust Ethereum ABI is a CLI toolkit for assembling and disassembling function calls and their results. Developers can check for the predictability of outcomes on smart contract ABIs. As well as reverse engineer the basic ABI from a known contract of the desired output. Rust Ethereum ABI only supports ABIs from the latest solidity compiler versions.