Mini Royale

Mini Royale: Nations is a browser-based FPS + social strategy game. The core shooter game is set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game with a deep emphasis on clans, alliances and social mechanics. It will be the first live multiplayer game to be powered by the Solana blockchain. MRN will also reward players with in-game fungible tokens that can be converted to fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it a play-to-earn game. Weapons, characters, land, buildings, tools, and more will exist as NFTs that can be bought, borrowed, and sold in a free and open economy is a multiplayer FPS game. The game features tactical-level designs similar to Halo, Destiny, and Quake. You have various weapons and abilities that can be used to your advantage on the battlefield. It is free-to-play and play-to-earn. is one of the most popular games on the Solana Blockchain. Developed by Addictive Games, the shooter runs in any modern web browser and rewards players with e, an internal token exchangeable for SOL.

Players in can make money by playing the shooter and earning “e” tokens for killing their opponents and winning goals during the fight. The tokens can be exchanged at a flat and guaranteed rate of $5 USD per 10,000e.