Floor acquires

Floor acquires in an effort to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more understandable and accessible to the public., a leading provider of NFT analytics, has helped early adopters of NFTs understand the value and potential of these unique digital assets through powerful comparison and valuation tools. The WGMI API also powers NFT experiences embedded in various web3 products, aligning with Floor’s vision for a more collaborative industry.

With this acquisition, Floor will integrate WGMI’s deep analytics features into its platform, enhancing the portfolio experience for users and expanding the reach of WGMI to Floor’s 10,000+ active users. This shared platform will also power new app features such as trait-floor pricing, and extend content from Floor’s content platform to WGMI.

The WGMI team and community will be joining Floor on this mission to make NFTs more accessible to the public, bringing their years of experience in web3 analytics to the table. We are excited to see the impact this acquisition will have on the NFT industry.

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