CoinStats is a crypto portfolio manager. Users can manage all DeFi and crypto from one place, as well as connect their wallets and trade directly on CoinStats, allowing them to trade coins and tokens within a single place. Developers can use API endpoints in their programmes. Users can earn up to 20% APY on your cryptocurrency and DeFi assets.

Deeper Network

The Deeper Network creates infrastructure to decentralize VPNs while protecting networks and making them profitable by bandwidth farming for token rewards.Purchasing the hardware VPN connects you to the network, and secures your connections and connected devices.The Deeper Network has +80,000 nodes worldwide selling to +150 countries to defend their network from +100,000,000 threats.


DEFIYIELD is a decision support tool for investors/traders backing dashboard interfaces with real-time and historic data for analysis.Users connect their wallets to get historical transaction data shown, along withall the funds currently stacked/farmed. Grants access to audit information querying from +35 blockchains, +300protocols, and more tokens than you’d care to count.


Tatum is a platform that offers Web3 developers an SDK packed with tools to deploy fully functioning dApps with ease.Developers have attested to transiting from design briefs to working dAps’s inless than a week.Supports +40 protocols, contains +1200 modular functions and provides unlimitedscalability for all dApp’s.


Chainsafe provides a Web3 games development suite and provides secure decentralized file storage backed by the Filecoin network.Users can use the Chainsafe file storage service for encryption-secured filestorage on a decentralized model.Developers can use Web3.Unity product offered by Chainsafe to create in-gamemarketplaces, NFT assets, and so much more.

Aleph is a decentralized file storage protocol that supports a lot of popular blockchains, including Solana, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polygon. With just a couple of lines of code, Aleph enables its users to securely access off-chain data sources. Unlike AWS, the file storage of Aleph cannot be tampered with because it is right on the blockchain. As a result, the users truly own their data.

zCloak Network

zkID Login is a product launched by zCloak Network. It is a multi-chain decentralized identity tool that allows users for secure and easy login. The platform currently works as a browser extension and users can store any Verifiable Credential in zkID Wallet. These credentials can be accessed with common APIs, making the wallet easy for developers to work with.


Viktor Radchenko founded Trustwallet to create an inclusive and multi-chainwallet that an average user, or even a complete newbie, can easily navigate.Trustwallet is integrated into a lot of DApps, including PancakeSwap, 1inch,Looksrare, and a host of others. Thus, it is easy for the users to access these platforms right within their Trustwallets.Trsutwallet has almost everything a crypto degen might need, including charts totrack prices within the app.


Founded by Tasti Zakari, Triangle is a wallet API infrastructure intended to harmonize and secure wallet integrations among various blockchain protocols.Triangle allows users to carry out DeFi and NFT payments more seamlessly.Their API is open for developers to always call and integrate into their DApps.In terms of security, Triangle uses a novel multi-party computation to bebattle-tested.


Polkadot is both a token and a decentralized protocol that can be bought and sold on exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.The Polkadot protocol allows unrelated blockchains to securely communicate withone another,  for example, enabling value or data to flow between Ethereum andBitcoin blockchains without the need for an intermediary. It’s also intended to be fast and scalable, thanks to the use of numerousparallel blockchains offloading processing demands.