Dapper Labs

Founded in 2018, Dapper Labs is a leading software development company focused on building blockchain-based games and NFTs aimed at mainstream adoption. Theirflagship product Dapper is an end-to-end solution for building Web3 applicationson top of Flow blockchain, their native blockchain. Dapper Labs has created NFT collections for top sports brands like NBA Top Shot.It has also created popular blockchain-based games like CryptoKitties and CheezeWizards.


Genies is an avatar ecosystem consisting of avatars, fashion and collectibles,spaces and venues, and social experiences. Genies provides tools (Genies Avatar Creator OS) that allows users to create their own avatars, avatar wearablefashion lines, avatar worlds, and avatar interactive experiences in web3.

NBA TopShot

NBA Topshot is a popular NFT marketplace for the basketball world. It is the only basketball NFT marketplace selling officially licensed products of the National Basketball Association.The marketplace often displays short clips of historical or iconic moments in basketball and has listed the iconic moments of many famous basketball players,including LeBron James.


FLOAT allows for the on-chain creation of a number of possible events, including Discord AMAs, Twitter Space, educational certificates, giveaways, fundraisers,allowlist, merch vouchers, and quizzes.In each of these, communities can use FLOAT to automate the registration and attendance overhead for running events, making the process more seamless.If you’re a community manager looking to boost community engagement and eliminate the tediousness of managing attendance and participation, then FLOAT is a great option!