DEXGuru is a decentralized token swap platform for traders in the DeFi era. Theplatform leverages real-time data, insights, and token-swapping capabilities in a single service.Users can trade and keep up to date with prices through a Discord bot.Developers can leverage the DexGuru API to create custom data services of theirown.

Tenderly Gas Profiler

Tenderly Gas analyzes gas usage on a function calls basis for accuracy, helping devs optimize smart contracts, and cut costs with a built-in profiler for finerdetails.Developers can build gas-optimized solidity smart contracts for a handful ofsupported EVM networks. An open-source CLI designed by Tenderly makes tracingsmart contract execution a breeze.


Tatum is a platform that offers Web3 developers an SDK packed with tools to deploy fully functioning dApps with ease.Developers have attested to transiting from design briefs to working dAps’s inless than a week.Supports +40 protocols, contains +1200 modular functions and provides unlimitedscalability for all dApp’s.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is onboarding the world onto the decentralized web by building blockchain-based domain names. This platform enables users to purchase a one-time domain that empowers human-readable names, host decentralized websites, simplify crypto payments, and govern their digital identity.


Founded by Furqan Rydhan and Steven Bartlett in 2021, thirdweb is the leading platform for web3 developers. Developers can use thirdweb’s service to build, manage, and analyze their Web3 applications. The company offers a range of service offerings like analytics platforms,authentication protocols, and decentralized storage options. thirdweb has had over 55,000 developers to date use its product offerings andwas recently valued at $160 million.


Founded by Tasti Zakari, Triangle is a wallet API infrastructure intended to harmonize and secure wallet integrations among various blockchain protocols.Triangle allows users to carry out DeFi and NFT payments more seamlessly.Their API is open for developers to always call and integrate into their DApps.In terms of security, Triangle uses a novel multi-party computation to bebattle-tested.


Web3 developers can use the Tenderly platform to create, test, monitor, andoperate smart contracts from inception to mass adoption.Tenderly accelerates smart contract development while providing a superior Web3 Developer experience by combining debugging tools with observability and infrastructure building blocks.


Originally founded in 2021, Stader Labs is one of the largest multi chain liquid-staking solutions in decentralized finance. Supporting six separatenetworks, Stader Labs allows users to deposit tokens into liquid stakingcontracts. These contracts ensure that holders continue to earn staking rewards,while also being able to use their crypto in other applications.The platform is expected to integrate staking support for Ethereum, Solana andAvalanche in the near future. Stader Labs is one of the safest liquid-stakingapplications in the industry, having had their code audited by Certik,Peckshield and Halborn.

Tenderly Sandbox

The Tenderly environment supports a side-by-side building of smart contracts and scripts. It supports Solidity and Javascript.Tenderly has an underpinning infrastructure that compiles the Solidity codes. on the other hand, the browser handles the execution of the Javascript codes.Once a contract or script is saved, the developer can generate a uniqueshareable link to it.

Pickle Finance

Pickle Finance is a Yield aggregator for yield farmers who seek maximum profits by leveraging different Defi protocols and strategies for elevated returns.Pickle makes it easy for users to earn compounding yields on deposits, savingthem their time and gas fees that would be required otherwise for frequentcompounding.