Boss Track

Boss Track lets users track the performance of their on-chain assets, giving real time updates on the performances of their overall wallet and individual assets in one easy-to-use dashboard. Boss Track is free to use and permissionless. Anybody can connect their wallet address without connecting to the Web3 site to begin tracking their DeFi portfolio. Currently, Boss Track is compatible with BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Cronos, Avalanche and more.


Gelato is Web3’s decentralized backend empowering builders to create augmented smart contracts that are automated, gasless & off-chain aware.Leading Web3 projects rely on Gelato to power the execution of millions of transactions across DeFi, NFT and Gaming.Additionally, Gelato supports 11 different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, Moonbeam Network, Cronos, Moonriver


Supported by, and more than 400 app developers and partners, Cronos is an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain. Their mission is to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to adopt Web3, with a focus on DeFi and GameFi.


The Cookbook is a community-sourced collection of smart contracts for developers to download code and use to their liking. Users can browse a growing number of smart contracts by searching use cases or blockchains. Developers can offer new smart contracts, contribute to quality-checking existing contracts and add support for more chains through a discord community. Cookbook also supports Metis, Cronos, Ethereum Classic, Aurora, Fantom, Fuse, Milkomeda, Boba, Moonbeam, and Moonriver.