Aleph is a decentralized file storage protocol that supports a lot of popular blockchains, including Solana, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polygon. With just a couple of lines of code, Aleph enables its users to securely access off-chain data sources. Unlike AWS, the file storage of Aleph cannot be tampered with because it is right on the blockchain. As a result, the users truly own their data.


The AssetMantle platform is a one-stop-shop for NFTs within the wider Cosmos Ecosystem. Founded by Deepanshu Tripathi, AssetMantle’s mainnet launched on April 18 2020. While originally deployed on their dedicated MantleChain, MantleLabs aims to facilitate full crosschain NFT functionality across allCosmos-based blockchains using the IBC. AssetMantle currently offers its own NFT marketplace, crypto and NFT wallet andblockchain explorer, completely optimized for NFTs.

Lava Network

Developed in 2022 by an anonymous team of passionate blockchain developers, LavaNetwork is a trustless peer-to-peer marketplace for RPC calls. Using LavaNetwork, developers can be matched with node operators on any chain to effectively communicate between dApps and their blockchain of choice. Whatseparates Lava Network from other node providers is that instead offering nodeservices themselves, Lava Network allows node operators to rent out RPCs todevelopers based on geographic location and latency.Lava Network is fully decentralized and censorship-resistant, meaning itmitigates the risk of significant network downtime due to a centralized point offailure. Developed on it’s own appchain using the Cosmos SDK, Lava Network aimsto further decentralize node operation.


The Cosmos blockchain was created to allow distributed ledgers to communicate without relying on a centralized server. Cosmos, with over $151 billion in digital assets under management, is the firstentirely free platform to enable interoperability between different systems,including Binance Chain, Terra, and, to name a few.Cosmos (ATOM) is the cryptocurrency that powers and secures the ecosystem ofblockchains that are designed to scale and communicate with one another.


Proxy breaks into the DeFi space from a multi chain perspective – combining the lego of various ecosystems such as Polkadot, Ethereum, and Cosmos.These cross-chain derivatives give users a wider range of options for assets totrade and lend.Depending on the Proxi tokens they have, the users can borrow up to 200% of anytoken and pay it back later.